Macdonald Geeringh Architects are based in the Southwest of England. Our experience covers a range of commercial, farm diversification, listed buildings, public and residential projects.

We engage in a collaborative process, whereby together with our clients we develop and test different ideas to ensure we respond appropriately to the unique opportunities of each project.

As a studio we are fascinated by the history and craftsmanship of the built environment. We believe that careful research into the local histories and traditions of each context can create considered and meaningful buildings, that respond to their environment and place. In doing so we aim to create buildings of beauty, quality and utility that last well into the future.

By encouraging an open and creative dialogue, we effectively understand our clients’ aspirations and guide them through the various project stages; design, planning, building regulations, detailed design and construction to deliver projects of value and quality.

We are a RIBA chartered practice, conforming to the highest standards of ethical and environmental management.

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